Mold is a part of our natural environment; it is constantly present in the air and can affect any household. Mold growth occurs when organic building materials (wood, bricks, concrete, wallpaper, drywall, etc.) are exposed to excessive moisture, insufficient air ventilation and moderate temperatures.

Many basements, attics, bathrooms and kitchens in Orleans suffer from mold growth. Mold Removal Ottawa manages mold control and mold removal Orleans, servicing residential, commercial and industrial premises in the area.

The company provides comprehensive mold removal services, including thorough mold inspections, professional mold remediation, independent air testing procedures, air purification with powerful HEPA-filter equipment, antimicrobial treatment with eco-friendly solutions, and complete reconstruction of the affected areas.

Responsible and knowledgeable staff of Mold Removal Ottawa will keep you informed throughout the entire process of mold removal! Orleans and area are subject to free mold inspections, which are performed by certified inspectors on a daily basis.

Any project on mold removal Orleans starts with a visual inspection, which leads to a detailed estimate, recommendations and a scope of work provided on the same day! Skilled technicians of Mold Removal Ottawa will perform the project following all technical regulations, mandatory for the restoration industry.

We care about your safety! All mold removal procedures by Mold Removal Ottawa are performed in accordance with the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) safety guidelines and are controlled by experienced team leaders and supervisors.

Mold removal Orleans is not a DIY-project! Without special techniques and professional equipment, there is a risk of elevating enormous amount of mold spores into the air and spreading them beyond the affected area. Specialists of Mold Removal Ottawa know how to prevent cross-contamination and effectively remove mold from your Orleans household.

If you see visible demonstrations of mold growth in your house or office, don’t wait! Mold can grow as fast as one square inch per day, provided favorable conditions apply. When growing, some types of mold can release toxins that can cause various health issues, from headaches to asthmas. The longer you wait – the more dangerous it becomes to live in a house affected by mold!

If you have mold in your Orleans household or if you have questions on mold removal Orleans – contact specialists of Mold Removal Ottawa to receive a professional consultation or to book a free mold inspection.

Remember, mold can grow virtually anywhere! It can spread unnoticed in attic insulation, on drywall, under the carpet or behind a washing machine. If you don’t see visible demonstrations of mold, but smell distinctive musty odor – contact Mold Removal Ottawa! Booking a free mold inspection will provide you with specific steps on further mold removal and bring you desired peace of mind!

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