Mold – is a common problem in Canadian households. Mold Removal Ottawa is a local mold removal company that protects Gloucester’s households from mold growth. The company performs mold removal projects of various scale and difficulty, servicing residential, commercial and industrial premises in Gloucester area.

Mold Removal Ottawa provides:

  • FREE mold inspections in Gloucester area
  • Effective mold removal solutions for any household
  • Safe mold removal process in accordance with the IICRC regulations
  • Estimates on the day of mold inspection
  • Experienced, highly-trained inspectors and technicians
  • Information flow throughout the project!

Any mold removal Gloucester project by Mold Removal Ottawa starts with a free mold inspection. A certified mold inspector examines the affected area visually, as well as using special moisture detecting equipment. Mold inspections help identify the source of water that caused mold growth, the extent of the problem, areas and materials affected, and measures needed to eliminate the mold problem.

Any mold inspection by Mold Removal Ottawa is followed by an estimate and a scope of work, developed for each specific case.  

Mold Removal Ottawa is fully licensed and certified to perform mold removal projects; the company strictly follows technical and safety regulations provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Whether it is grinding, sanding, soda or ice blasting, experienced technicians of Mold Removal Ottawa will thoroughly perform necessary mold removal procedures and leave your house clean and mold-free! The company also offers reconstruction services, performed by a professional restoration team, in case any structural elements of a house had to be removed because of mold infestation.

Mold is a serious issue that affects not only your house, but also your health! Don’t put yourself and your family members at risk – mold can cause headaches, allergies and even asthma attacks! If you have found mold in your Gloucester household – contact professionals of Mold Removal Ottawa and find out more about mold removal Gloucester. Book a free mold inspection and get your peace of mind on the mold problem today!

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