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If you live in Ottawa or surrounding areas and you have found or suspect mold in your home it is crucial to have a professional mould expert inspect your home immediately. Mold Removal Ottawa will provide you with a free mold inspection for visible mould. Contact us by phone or online to set up a free visible mold inspection with one of our certified mold inspectors today.


Most people spend more time indoors then they do outside: (working, sleeping, spending time with the family, Eating…. ) We should be paying more attention to the quality of our indoor air. Good air quality is a vital part to maintaining good health. It is recommended that you have your air quality checked annually to ensure a Healthy indoor environment.

Mold Removal in Ottawa and Mould Remediation in Ottawa needs to be performed by a professional mold company that is insured, a Clean Trust Certified Firm, Experienced and IICRC Trained and Certified to perform Mould Removal and Mold Remediation in Ottawa.

Mold Removal Ottawa- Mold Removal Process:

  1. Mold Removal Ottawa will perform a Free Mold Inspection for visible mold. However in some cases mold testing or air quality testing will be required. You can contact us today to schedule an appointment.
  2. Mold Removal Ottawa will provide you with a free estimate for the mold removal process.
  3. When mold testing or Air quality testing is required, samples are sent to a 3rd party Lab for analysis. Mold Removal Ottawa will receive a report outlining the results of the tests within 48-72 hours. Mold Removal Ottawa will then go over the results with you and make the necessary recommendations to return your home to a healthy environment.
  4. Mold Removal Ottawa will then come up with an appropriate scope of work based on your home and mould tests and present it to you for approval.
  5. Mold Removal Ottawa will set up full containment to prevent cross contamination-This is done by creating barricades and putting the contaminated areas under negative air pressure with the use of negative air scrubbing machines.
  6. Mold Removal Ottawa can now begin the mold removal and mould remediation process following the strict guidelines of S520 protocols for Mould Removal.
  7. Once the mould has been completely removed everything is then Hepa vacuumed, cleaned using only eco-friendly green products and then Hepa vacuumed again.
  8. The source of the mould needs to be identified this may be known before the mold removal but also may have to be determined once the mold affected areas have been removed.
  9. Third Party Clearance to verify that the mould spore count is at a safe level and that the mold removal was done successfully.
  10. Fix the source of the mold-The source needs to be fixed otherwise the mold will come back. We will identify the source(s) and recommend the best options to fix them.
  11. Mold Removal Ottawa`s reconstruction department can provide you with a free estimate, once the mold removal and mold remediation is complete.

Mold Removal Ottawa is a Clean Trust Certified Firm, we are fully insured, experienced and IICRC Trained and we follow the strict guidelines of the S520 protocols for mould removal and mould remediation, which, is the standard in over 30 countries around the world for mold removal and mold remediation.

If you live in Ottawa or surrounding areas and have found visible molds in your home or business don`t hesitate contact Mold Removal Ottawa today, by phone or online for a free visible mold inspection. 1-613-670-1112

If you live in Ottawa or surrounding areas and you suspect a Mold problem or are experiencing symptoms of mould or black toxic mold in your home or business and require mold testing or Air quality testing; contact Mold Removal Ottawa to schedule Mold Testing or Air Quality Testing Today: 1-613-670-1112

Mold Removal Ottawa Service areas include: Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, Rockcliffe Park, Vanier and Cumberland, West Carleton, Osgoode, Rideau, Goulbourn, Central Ottawa, East End, South End, West End, Marlborough, North Gower, Fitzroy, Huntly and Torbolton.

Mold Removal Ottawa has teams throughout Ottawa for Asbestos removal and abatement, Mold Removal, Mold Remediation and Lead Abatement experience ready to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment for you and your loved ones in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Mold Removal Ottawa also provides services in:

Gatineau, Hull, Montreal and Laval

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