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Mold Removal Ottawa also provides:

Asbestos Removal Services in Ottawa

In Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and surrounding areas from all types of surfaces as well as Vermiculite Insulation removal

Asbestos is a natural mineral which was commonly used in homes, buildings and schools for various uses such as insulation; in attics, around pipes, behind walls, in basements and also in ceiling tiles, plaster, vinyl floor tiles and roof patching, etc. Asbestos can be found in all of these forms throughout the City of Ottawa and the rest of Canada.


Today, asbestos is not as commonly used in Ottawa since prolonged exposure to Asbestos has proved to be hazardous to one’s health. When the asbestos fibers are released into the air anyone breathing the air is at risk. Asbestos exposure has been linked to lung scaring and cancer. However it is still being used today in products brought in from other countries that have fewer controls over their building materials.


If you are uncertain that the products in your home or office contain asbestos you should have an Asbestos Certified Inspector in Ottawa inspect your home immediately.

**If the product is protected and fibers are intact you can leave it as is but will still need to be      monitored for any signs of future deterioration.

**If the product has deteriorated it is essential to have a certified Asbestos expert inspect your home and remove the asbestos from the premises.


Removal of asbestos is a very intricate and an extensive job. It must be done by an experienced and certified asbestos contractor. When disturbing an asbestos material, extreme precautions must be taken to protect the worker from breathing in the asbestos fibers. Also to prevent cross contamination so the occupants of the building are not exposed to the Asbestos Fibers. You should never attempt Asbestos Removal on you own or by someone is not certified and trained in the removal of Asbestos.


At Mold Removal Ottawa we use Full Containment under negative pressure and many other barriers that are vital in order to safeguard everyone in the successful removal process of Asbestos Fibers, Black mold and Toxic Mold removal and Vermiculite Insulation removal.
Mold Removal Ottawa is a Certified and Insured asbestos removal and Mold Removal company in Ottawa, Gatineau, Hull and all surrounding areas providing you with the best solutions for all of your asbestos & Mold concerns.

With free estimates and great services by our experienced and trained staff you won`t want to look anywhere else.

Contact our Ottawa Offices either by phone or Online to book a free asbestos removal inspection or a free visible Mold inspection in Ottawa, Gatineau and Hull. 1-888-551-0514


Mold Removal Ottawa`s Asbestos Services include:


•         Asbestos Testing in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Inspections in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Removal in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Abatement in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Removal in Attics

•         Free Asbestos Removal Estimates

•         Vermiculite Insulation Removal in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Removal in Basements

•         Asbestos Removal from pipes

•         Asbestos Tile Removal in Ottawa

•         Asbestos Insulation Removal in Ottawa

If you require any of our mould or asbestos services please don`t hesitate to contact us to set up a mold or asbestos inspection in Ottawa and surrounding areas, we will provide a free inspection for visible mold, black toxic mold, asbestos however additional asbestos testing may be required in order to determine if in fact a product is made with asbestos.

Contact Mold Removal Ottawa online or by phone 1-888-551-0514

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