The Trouble with Renovations and Asbestos

Older buildings in Ottawa which were built prior to the mid-80’s, often had asbestos installed as an insulator. The trouble with asbestos starts when the fibrous materials become detached and the fibres start floating freely in the air. This can cause all sorts of health issues like mesothelioma and other lung diseases. In some cases, it can even be fatal.

Unfortunately, many renovations occur on these older buildings in an attempt to restore their beauty, but often contractors will not hire an expert in removal or restoration.  If you work in the construction field and are often helping with the renovation on older buildings, it is grave to your health that you find a restoration expert or asbestos expert to be included on the team.

Also, for house flippers who buy run-down or cheap houses for the purpose of reselling, hiring a restoration company should become an important part of your flipping.

Homes and buildings which were constructed before the mid-80’s are likely to contain asbestos in some form or another. Visually inspecting for asbestos is not enough because the fibres may already be airborne by the time you find yourself inside the building. A restoration company will be able to properly remove all signs of asbestos and bring the building up to safety. This will save and prevent health damage to any future occupants of the home or building that is being renovated.

Here are a few places asbestos could be hiding in older buildings:

  • Around pipes
  • Between walls
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Tiles on the floor or ceiling
  • Insulation areas like the furnace


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